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Hi again mums and dads! Our friend David from The Maltese Daddy has chosen our very own CAM Taski Sport 3 in 1 pram system to recommend features you should look out for in any pram. It’s safe to say that this and all CAM models have got you covered 😉

Ok, so unless you’re that lucky son of a gun who has been generously gifted a pram from a relative, neighbour or close friend… Then you’re probably like the rest of us who are on the hunt for that perfect 3 in 1 pram system.

New to this kind of stuff? Ok let’s break it down:


The carrier seat (or car seat) is the first item which makes up the 3 in 1 system. It will be the first thing you put your little one in as you leave the hospital – midwives actually won’t discharge you if you haven’t brought one with you, so this is a must for all parents. As the name implies; it is a small seat for your baby to sit in and is used mostly in the car but can also be attached to your pram chassis when out and about. In the car, the carrier seat must only be assembled rear facing on the seat and is suitable from birth up to 13kg. Standard to all CAM carrier seats are: rocking or stationary movements, anatomically shaped insert with back support, a 5 point padded harness, quick adjustment straps and machine washable fabrics!


A carrycot is basically a portable cot with handles, and some extra features to make your baby snug and content while being wheeled about on your pram. This is the second item which makes up the 3 in 1. A good quality cot should be light, easily removed and re-attached to the frame or chassis, offer adequate bedding and breathable fabrics, reclining headrest, a rocking feature and if possible machine washable fabrics. Apart from exhibiting all these must-have features, the CAM Taski Sport is beautifully crafted; with Italian styling leading the way. Recommended age use for the cot is 0-10Kg.


The Pushchair or stroller is the last attachment to the 3 in 1 pram system. It is normally used when your baby has outgrown the carrycot. As is the case with all CAM models, it may be used both parent facing (0-12months) or front facing (12-36months). You should always check that the stroller has a multi-position backrest, front detachable handlebar, an adjustable footrest, fully extendable canopy and importantly, that the stroller can be closed with the pushchair attached.


What would all 3 units be if there was nothing to wheel them around? Pretty counterproductive I’d say! That is why every 3 in 1 pram system is bundled with its own frame. This is a critical piece of equipment which demands close examination. Out of all the units, you will be lugging this around and also in and out of the car the most. So do give a lot of thought to the functionality and weight of the chassis, especially when combined to the 3 units described earlier. Regardless, the Taski’s frame is like nothing on the market. Weighing in at just 6.1Kg, and offering one of the most compact folds ever, it’s not hard to see why this is one of CAM’s bestselling pram all over Europe!

OK, lecture over. Check out The Maltese Daddy taking the Taski for a spin and showing you some great features of this impressive 3 in 1 system.




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