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Nursing pillows, sometimes referred to as maternity pillows or breastfeeding pillows, are simply yet cleverly designed pillows. Their aim is to reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy while sleeping or resting. Additional benefits while breast or bottle feeding your baby can be quite helpful.


Back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain… can any mum relate?! Most particularly during the last trimester, pregnancy can cause strain on your back muscles due to the growth and weight of the baby. Persons who are already susceptible to back or sciatica pain will tend to experience more discomfort or pain than others. Thankfully, nursing pillows are a big help in alleviating pain. Use them sitting down or when lying down by contouring them around the shape of your body.

Sleeping on your side encourages blood circulation. However due to a growing belly, this may feel uncomfortable. With it’s soft cushioning effect, a nursing pillow will allow you to sleep comfortably sideways. This will help you sleep better for longer! The best way to sleep with full-length pillows is to hug the pillow with your arms and legs, while placing your belly at the central part of the pillow.


After giving birth, you can still find many uses for the nursing pillow. We’ll cover them below:

Recovering from a C-Section: Your nursing pillow can be used as a buffer between you and your baby to shield the delicate area of a C-Section.

Helping with Latching on: Nursing pillows may help to bring your baby to the correct height for breastfeeding, which can assist with latching.

Propping up your baby: One of the original intended uses for nursing pillows is to actually help your baby prop up when they are old enough to start sitting down.

Helping with Bottle Feeding: Same as while breastfeeding, these pillows can help improve mum’s posture while bottle feeding.


Here are a few notable features which make for a quality nursing pillow:

  • Soft, delicate fabric
  • Flexible pillow which allows moulding into shape but not too soft
  • Removable outer liner for washing
  • Machine washer/dryer safe
  • Made of Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic materials

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